Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaden!
Kaden turned 5 on March 15. It's crazy how fast time goes by. I can't believe he is 5 already! We had a little party at the park with his cousins and then cake and ice cream later with Dad. It was a great day. We love you Kaden! Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

South Mountain

One of the first weekends we were here we decided to go on a little picnic and see South Mountain. The kids loved hiking and it was kind of fun to hike somewhere other than Whitney Pockets.

We Moved!

 So I am sure by now most of you know that we moved! Richard got a job offer in Phoenix and so off we went. Kaden got to ride with Dad in the big truck and the girls followed in the van. We moved in the first part of February and so we have been here almost 3 months. So far it has been great. We defiantly miss being so close to family, but all of us have seem to adjusted well. It has been nice to have Ammon and Lisa close too. So far I haven't taken any pictures of house but I will try to soon.

 The view from the back yard. It makes it feel more like home!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Girl

Maddie turned this year. She was so excited for her Birthday and of coarse she wanted everything princess and pink.
We had lunch at McDonalds with the cousins and then pizza and cake with both Grandparents for dinner. It was kind of a hectic day but in the end it all turned out good!
 Maddie is such a sweet girl. She loves to be my big helper and especially loves helping with Laila or playing with Kaden. We love her lots! Happy Birthday Maddie!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Christmas was so great this year. I loved having it on Sunday. We went to church with our parents in Bunkerville and the meeting was so awesome. The spirit was so strong I was crying like a baby. I always love this time of year and the great feeling that focusing on the true meaning of Christmas brings!

Maddie got Punzel and Flynn Wyder
Papa and Laila napping ;)
Kaden loved his jeep! (craigslist find :) )
The kids did not want a picture they were too excited to play with their toys!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the ranch this year. It was a little different because we were the only ones there. But it still was fun. We had yummy super nachos and treats, told some the Christmas story, then the kids got to open there presents from friend and their Christmas jammies and then we headed to the Schaefermeyer's to sleep.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Laila's Blessing

Little Laila was blessed on December 3rd. She looked so pretty in her blessing dress and Richard gave her the most beautiful blessing. It was such a good day to spend with our family and friends we are so blessed to have Laila in our lifes she is such a good baby!